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Small Grant Award

Under the authority of the Committee for Scientific Affairs and Awards

+ AIMS (click to open/close)

The intention of this award scheme is to make small pump priming grants to ESPID members to support research work design to produce pilot data for further external funding. The declaration below must be signed by the applicant and the applicant’s Head of Department in order to verify this. Awards of up to Euro 6000 will be made. The number of awards funded will depend upon the number and quality of applications received. If the scheme succeeds and is maintained, each awardee will be eligible to make a single follow up application for further funding up to Euro 6000 for the same project, based on the results from the first award.

It is envisaged that the grants will provide for purchase of laboratory consumables or small amounts of administrative time or other technical or IT support. It is not envisaged that the awards will fund the salary of the applicant.

Please note that an applicant or supporting centre cannot receive a Fellowship Award and a Small Grant Award for the same project.

Completed applications for ESPID Small Grant Awards must be received by 30 October 2017 by ESPID Secretariat at admin@espid.org. Awards will be decided and made by 31 January 2018. They will be announced at the ESPID annual meeting in May 2018, by when it is hoped that work will be in progress.

+ ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (click to open/close)

Applications from individuals who have previously received an ESPID small grant award will not be considered - except that, following receipt of a satisfactory progress report, previous applicants may apply for follow up funding for the same small grant-funded project once and once only. (Previous recipients of other ESPID awards, are not excluded, apart from ESPID Fellowships that were awarded for the same or closely related research work).

  • You must be less than 40 years old on the day of the deadline
  • Applicant must be a paid up ESPID member at the time of application and in "good standing" (click here to download the ESPID "good standing" member criteria).
  • Applications of high scientific quality from younger members who have not previously received substantial research funding will be judged favourably.
  • Research must be obviously and directly relevant to the understanding (pathogenesis), epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of paediatric. infectious diseases.
  • Applications not fulfilling all of these criteria will not be put forward for judging.


All eligible applications will be judged against the following criteria by the ESPID Committee for Scientific Affairs and Awards (weighting as shown):

(CRITERIA WEIGHTING AS SHOWN: 0 = bad and high score = good)

Does the proposal address an area of research directly relevant to paediatric infectious diseases? Y/N (if no, application rejected)
Evidence of excellence in previous undergraduate and postgraduate activities – high grades, prizes, presentations, publications etc. 5
Are the necessary additional resources, funds and equipment clearly offered and available? (including the salary and personal support for the candidate).  Y/N (if no, application rejected)
  Proposed research project:  
     Is the introduction fully researched and clearly presented? 5
Is there a clearly formulated hypothesis to be tested or objective which can be reached in 1 year max? 8
Is there a clearly structured plan of investigation which identifies the methodologies to be used? 10
Is the proposal original, or will it address questions which have been or are being addressed by others? 7
Is the proposal well presented and clearly written? 5


The initial award will be for a maximum of Euro 5000. Payments will only be made to host institutions or hospitals and not to individuals. ESPID takes no responsibilities for the further administration or use of the funds beyond the point of disbursement.

+ APPLICATION PROCESS (click to open/close)

Candidates should send the completed application (see below) and letter of support from the applicant's supervisor at their institution. These materials should be sent preferably by email to the ESPID Secretariat at admin@espid.org.

The signed declaration can be sent by email initially, but should also be sent by fax +44 (0) 1506 477 or post (ESPID Administrator, Blackburn House, Redhouse Road, Seafield, West Lothian, EH47 7AQ, Scotland, UK) with the signatures on it.

This should be received no later than 30 October 2017. Each application will be reviewed by the ESPID Committee for Scientific Affairs and Awards. Decisions will be made by 31 January 2018 and funds available thereafter.

+ PROGRESS REPORT (click to open/close)

A progress report must be prepared by all recipients of the small grant award and submitted by 30 October 2017, to the ESPID Secretariat at admin@espid.org. This may form part of an application for follow up funding (maximum one further Euro 5000 grant).

The report should detail results accomplished to that date, problems, if any, encountered, any alterations to the original protocol that may have become necessary, and any completed or forthcoming presentations, publications or grant applications arising from the grant. The report will be reviewed by the Committee for Scientific Affairs and Awards. In case awardees fail to provide progress report they will not be eligible to apply for any other award and their supervisors will not be eligible to support other applicants.

+ FINAL REPORT (click to open/close)

Applicants are encouraged to submit their results for presentation at the ESPID annual meeting 2018.

+ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (click to open/close)

The recipient of the grant award must acknowledge ESPID in any publications that result from the research enabled by the award. Acknowledgements should be worded as follows: that “the work was supported by an ESPID Grant Award”.

+ INFORMATION TO BE SUBMITTED (click to open/close)

1. Research proposal

The research proposal must be submitted in single-spaced 12-font typescript throughout, on one side only of A4 paper with a margin of at least 2 cm on the left. The proposal, not including references, must not exceed 3 one sided pages of A4 paper. Applications which do not conform to these rules will be returned.

The proposal should have the following headings:

  • Title
  • Abstract (up to 150 words)
  • Background / Introduction (fully referenced please)
  • Research question / hypothesis to be addressed
  • Plan of investigation (this should include a timetable, details of methodologies to be used and where, exactly, each part of the research work will be done.
  • Breakdown of the funding requested
  • References

2. A letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor/manager

3. Curriculum vitae of applicant, to include:

  • Family name, forenames and initials, titles (Dr. etc)
  • Corresponding address, telephone, fax, email
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Academic history: List all educational institutions/universities attended after secondary school - include dates of attendance, field of study, degrees and diplomas with dates awarded and grades if appropriate.
  • Clinical training and other occupational experience including any military service – give dates, details of post title, location and grade
  • Details of any publications (citing full reference details), presentations at meetings (give name, location and date of meeting, title of presentation, names of authors and whether oral or poster), prizes and distinctions (full details, including both undergraduate and post graduate awards)

4. Type of application

Note which type of Small Grant Award application this is from the two options below:

  1. Project has never received funding from ESPID
  2. Reapplication for further funding for the same project

If this is a reapplication for further funding (option 2), please make sure that you include the following with your new application:

  • Progress report
  • Original application

5. Signed declaration (copy and paste in your application):

“We declare that the work proposed here seeks to address a new research question for us. We do not have alternative sources of funding to undertake this work and unless we are successful in this application, the work will therefore not go ahead unless we subsequently raise alternative external funding from elsewhere. We confirm that no monies received from ESPID for this project will be used for any overhead charges or infrastructural costs made by hosting institution or institutions”.

Date: ________________________________________________________________

Applicant signature: ____________________________________________________

Head of Department signature: ___________________________________________

Finance Officer signature*: ______________________________________________

* Only needed if organisation requires it to confirm statement about overhead or infrastructural costs.