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ESPID Online Antibiotic Management Course

The ESPID Online Antibiotic Management Course aims to provide training that will increase participants’ awareness and knowledge of good antimicrobial stewardship practices. The course will focus on inpatient use of antibiotics.

The specific objective of the course is to help you develop specific competencies relevant to antibiotic prescribing and to the management of antimicrobial resistance in the inpatient neonatal and paediatric setting. The competencies are loosely based on the UK Department of Health’s Antimicrobial prescribing and stewardship competencies (Department of Health and Public Health England, 2013) and include:

  • Antibiotic modes of action and uses
  • Antibiotics resistance mechanisms
  • Prescribing antibiotics for infections caused by susceptible and resistant organisms
  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Monitoring and surveillance


The ESPID Online Antibiotic Management course consists of six modules and takes a case-based, interactive approach to key topics in antibiotic prescription and stewardship among neonates and children including key antibiotics and antibiotic groups, the history and development of antibiotics, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics basics, clinical microbiology basics, resistance, and global surveillance and stewardship. 

The modules are:

  1. Module 1: Key antibiotics/antibiotic groups: What do they do?
  2. Module 2: History of antibiotic development and PK/PD basics
  3. Module 3: Clinical microbiology: What you need to know to become a better antibiotic prescriber
  4. Module 4: MRSPA, PRSP, ESBL E. coli & co.: The key players in antimicrobial resistance
  5. Module 5: Antimicrobial stewardship: Measures to help providers prescribe antibiotics better
  6. Module 6: Antimicrobial resistance goes from local to global

Course authors:

Dr. Mike Sharland – Dr. Julia Bielicki – Dr. Rebecca Lundin – Dr. Giangiacomo Nicolini – Dr. Sanjay Patel – Dr. Jodi Lestner – Professor Emmanuel Roilides – Dr. Jana Lass – Dr. Simon Drysdale – Dr. Charlotte Barker – Dr. Ana Brett – Dr. Laura Folgori – Dr. Theoklis Zaoutis – Dr. Irja Lutsar – Dr. David Pace – Dr. Elias Iosifidis – Dr. Jim Gray – Dr. Stefan Wiechert – Dr. Chrissie Jones

Course Director: Chrissie Jones

Course Organizer: Sari Kuitunen

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. In April 2016, the usefulness of the course overall was rated as 4.36/5 and the enjoyability of the course as 4.27/5. Students can test their knowledge and track their learning with pre- and post-tests for each module, as well as an overall exam for the entire course. Tutors for the six course modules will actively engage in the course with students, via online forums, for one active week per module.


All course material is available in English, and students will have an additional three months to review all modules online at their own pace after active learning has been completed. The course is accredited with 12 CME points by EACCME, an institution of the UEMS.

The certificate of attendance will be available to those who have competed the final course quiz and completed the assessments.

Registration and costs

The cost of the course reflects the importance of the topic and the joint investment in the course by ESPID and the World Health Organization.

The cost is EUR 200 for ESPID members, EUR 300 for non-ESPID members and EUR 30 for concessions.

To register, please click here


All registered delegates will receive a confirmation message on Tuesday 23rd May. If you have registered but did not receive the message, please contact Lorraine Gray.