ESPID Supported Speaker Award - OPEN ALL YEAR

Please note this award is open all year round with no closing date 

+ AIMS (click to open/close)

To support high quality speakers to attend research meetings held by ESPID members who meet the good standing member criteria

+ WHAT IS COVERED (click to open/close)

Support will be given towards travel and accommodation at the meeting but not registration.

The award will cover costs for travel up to the following amounts:

• EUR 1,000 for travel from Europe to USA / Americas / Australasia

• EUR 600 for travel within Europe

• EUR 200 for travel within the applicant’s own country

Accommodation will be given up to EUR 100 per night up to a maxium of 2 nights.

You application and any support documents should be in English. A completed expense form with receipts should be sent for all travel and accommodation within 3 months,  after the meeting has taken place. Please note the award can only be paid after the date of the meeting. 

ESPID will only support one award relating to any one project. If you feel you have a project which more than one award would cover you should select and apply to only one ESPID award. If you have other awards/grants which are pending or have been recently funded, you must indicate this in your application and clearly state what support has been requested/agreed and when a decision is expected.

+ CRITERIA (click to open/close)

Meeting Organisers and proposed Speakers must be ESPID members in good standing at the time of the deadline. Speaker must be relevant to meeting objectives - as judged by experience and CV. The meeting must have research as one of its themes and clearly have research collaboration or research training as a meeting objective.

+ APPLICATION PROCEDURE (click to open/close)


The Committee will decide within 4 weeks of application. 

+ FINAL REPORT (click to open/close)

A brief report of the meeting, with a particular focus on the research aspects, plus a copy of the feedback of the audience with regard to the ESPID supported speaker, is expected within 3 months of the meeting. When sending the final report, a completed expense form with receipts should be sent for all travel and accommodation within the limits awarded see What Is Covered Section. Please send these to

Applications Open 01 January 2024 Log in to apply
Applications Close 31 December 2024
Period Covered2024