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37th Annual ESPID Meeting

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ESPID Research Sessions 2019

ESPID Research Sessions - Thursday Afternoon Research Sessions

DEADLINE extended to: April, 1st 2019 – APPLY NOW

1.5 hour Research Sessions will take place during the afternoon of Thursday, May 9 at the ESPID Annual Meeting.

Research Sessions are designed to support new research groups.

To apply to host Research Session please complete and submit the COLLABORATIVE AWARD SCHEME FORM.

 Attendance at these sessions is open to ESPID members only. Sessions will be limited to 30-40 participants. There is no need to register for these sessions. Participation will be on a first come, first served basis. If the room is full you may need to choose to attend a different session.

Off Program Research Meetings

 In addition, a limited number of slots are available for Off Program Research Meetings – these are for established research groups. Please complete the same form.

Young ESPID Survey Invite

Young ESPID members are invited to participate in a survey on PID training programmes across Europe and beyond.   

Please compete the survey by clicking here

Opportunity for 15 Master Students

Organovir aims to provide 15 master students with the unique opportunity to be trained within a consortium that will enable them to lead innovation in the field of organoids for virus research

For more infromation please click here

A new European Syllabus in Paediatric Infectious Diseases was approved by UEMS

To view the 2018 syllabus click here: 2018 European Syllabus in Paediatric Infectious Diseases

ESWI Science Policy Flu Summit
ESWI 2018 Summit
Join our faculty for a day of lectures and debates on pediatric influenza vaccination during ESWI's 2018 summit.
For more information, click here

New edition of The Vaccine Handbook App Now Available
The new edition of The Vaccine Handbook App ("The Purple Book") is now available
For more information regardin this, click HERE

Primary Vaccination Coverage in the USA

 Article about Primary Vaccination Coverage in the USA by Peter Hotez as Published in the New York Times 


 Click here to view the article: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/02/08/opinion/how-the-anti-vaxxers-are-winning.html?mwrsm=Facebook&_r=0&referer=http://m.facebook.com