Young ESPID is a group of members who are in training and early career, generally under 40 years and/or who are in training / have completed training to become a paediatric infectious disease specialist <3 years ago.

Welcome message
Welcome to “Young ESPID”, the future of Paediatric Infectious Diseases in Europe and beyond. “Young ESPID” was founded in 2010, we started with 35 members and in 2017 we are now just over 500 from 75 different countries. As a group of under-40s we support the ESPID board and its committees. We also have YE country representatives from 35 different countries that help us link with PID doctors and spread the word of ESPID job and training opportunities elsewhere.
All the ESPID committees have 2 Young ESPID members and are currently focusing on:
- Facilitating communication between ESPID members
- Participation in educational activities: ESPID online courses, ESPID case rounds
- Active roll in preparing the ESPID annual meeting
- Young ESPID meeting –formal AGM (annual general meeting) since 2016 attending the YE AGM gets you good standing points - helpful for applying for travel awards / grants
- Speed dating
- MTP (meet the professor sessions)
- WMW (Walter Marget workshop)
- ERMC (ESPID research masterclass)
- ESPID educational booth
- Evaluating PID training world-wide
- Improvement of the ESPID website
- Visibility of training possibilities and job opportunities
- Visibility of research consortia
The Young ESPID representatives are also on the ESPID board and take an active part in all their meetings making sure ESPID is aware of what their more junior PID doctors need and expect from the society.
We want to invite you to become actively involved in Young ESPID, and take your chance to help shape the future of Paediatric Infectious Diseases.
New ideas are always welcome!
If you are interested in contributing to any of these activities and would like to be kept up-to-date on Young ESPID you can contact us through
With kind regards,
Raluca Lixandru and Eleni Vergadi
This years YE Meeting Agenda can be viewed here.
Young ESPID representatives 
Who’s involved in Young ESPID?
Country Representative Email Term Began Senior ESPID Rep  Term Began
Argentina Martin Eduardo Brizuela      
Armenia Sose Margaryan Jul-22 Hrachuhi Ghazaryan 2024
Australia Hazel Dobinson Sep-22    
Austria Sebastian Baier-Grabner Jan-24    
Belgium Siel Daelemans      
Brasil Daniel Jarovsky Jun-15 Prof. Eitan Naaman Berezin  2024
Bulgaria Petar Velikov      
Cambodia Sam Lyvannak      
Canada Stephanie Zahradnik Apr-24    
Croatia Vedran Stevanović May-23 Prof. Goran Tešović  2024
Cyprus  Athina Aristidou Jun-24 Dr Maria Mazeri Koliou 2024
Czech Republic Jitka Bolchová Sep-22    
Egypt Ali Sobh      
Estonia Anna-Liisa Kerna Apr-24 Piia Jogi 2024
Finland Lauri Ivaska Feb-23    
France Zein Assad Mar-24 Pr Naim Ouldali  2024
Georgia  Teona Khurtsidze Jun-23    
Germany Benedikt Spielberger Feb-23    
Greece Filippos Filippatos   Professor Athanasios Michos  2024
Hungary  Szofia Hajósi-Kalcakosz Aug-22    
India Akshatha Ravindra Apr-24 Dr Vidya Krishna 2024
Ireland Deirdre Foley Jun-22    
Israel Liat Ashkenazi-Hoffnung Aug-22    
Italy Marta Stracuzzi Sep-22    
Malaysia Bazlin Ramly Mar-23    
Mexico Oscar Tamez      
Nepal Saugat Bhandari Feb-24    
Nigeria Olajumoke Aladenola Jan-23    
Pakistan Abdul Mannan Mustafa Jan-23    
Poland Kacper Toczylowski Mar-23    
Portugal Inês Taborda Jun-24    
Romania Ioana Arbanas May-24 Oana Falup-Pecurariu Jun-24
Slovenia Keti Vincek Jun-22    
Spain Carlos Grasa Oct-23    
Sudan  Eiman Hamid Feb-23 Unable to provide at this time due to Sudan's current situation  
Sweden Annika Malmgren Jun-22 Olof Hertting 2024
Switzerland Nora Fritschi Jul-22    
Tanzania Daniel Joshua Jun-24    
The Netherlands Navin Boeddha Jun-23 Annemarie van Rossum  2024
Turkey Burcu Bursal Feb-23    
United Kingdom Maryke Nielsen      
United States Anton Goetz      
 Young ESPID representatives on the ESPID Board: Eleni Vergadi (2023-2026) and Raluca Lixandru (2021-2024)

You can find recent updates on the activities in the committees in our newsletters.
Are you interested in one of the activities, please do contact us!
Young ESPID country representatives aim to represent their country and be a liaison between Young ESPID board representatives and Young ESPID members.
The above Young ESPID members represent their countries for 2 years, after which new applicants may come forward. If no-one comes forward then the current representative remains in place.
Interested in becoming a country representative and your country is not listed above? Please contact us at and we will send you the information about how to apply.