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ESPID Awards are currently closed for any new applications with the exception of the ESPID-Biomerieux Small Grant Award on Diagnostics which is open for applications. The Board continue to monitor and review the awards offered on a regular basis and we would ask you to consider other avenues in the meantime.

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General Travel AwardMore Details
Postgraduate Teaching Visits to Resource Poor CountriesMore Details
Small Grant AwardMore Details
Training Course and Workshop AwardMore Details
Clinical Training FellowshipMore Details
Young Investigator AwardMore Details
Collaborative Research Meeting AwardMore Details
ESPID Annual Meeting Travel AwardMore Details
Research Training FellowshipMore Details
ESPID/INOPSU Infection Surveillance Research GrantMore Details
ESPID-PIDJ AwardMore Details
Research Networking Presentation AwardsMore Details
ESPID Supported Speaker AwardMore Details
ESPID-Biomerieux Small Grant Award on DiagnosticsMore Details