ESPID Research Cafe

We would like to introduce you to the "Research Café Online”.
The Aims:
To facilitate contact between junior ESPID researchers and senior researchers, to provide support for new researchers and to promote new research collaborations among ESPID members.
The Process:
Any ESPID member (but especially junior members) can email a request to the ESPID administrator. This might be to develop a possible research idea, to identify collaborators for a project, to get guidance on certain aspects of research related to their project, etc.
This will be screened by the Research Committee and if suitable will be sent to all ESPID members.
ESPID members can then respond if they wish (or delete if they wish). They would respond via a link which takes them to an internal “Research Café” page on the ESPID Education platform (see screenshot below) to continue discussion with the proposer and other colleagues, until resolution.
What next?
If you would like to suggest a topic then please email:
Please indicate:

  • Name and affiliation
  • Brief proposal
  • Feedback requested