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ESPID Supported Speaker Award

+ AIMS (click to open/close)

To support high quality speakers to attend research meetings held by ESPID members who meet the good standing member criteria

+ WHAT IS COVERED (click to open/close)

Support will be given towards travel and accommodation at the meeting but not registration.

The award will cover costs for travel up to the following amounts:

• EUR 1,000 for travel from Europe to USA / Americas / Australasia

• EUR 600 for travel within Europe

• EUR 200 for travel within the applicant’s own country

Accommodation will be given up to EUR 100 per night.

A completed expense form with receipts should be sent for all travel and accommodation within 3 months,  after the meeting has taken place. Please note the award can only be paid after the date of the meeting.

+ CRITERIA (click to open/close)

Meeting Organisers and proposed Speakers must be ESPID members in good standing. Speaker must be relevant to meeting objectives - as judged by experience and CV. The meeting must have research as one of its themes and clearly have research collaboration or research training as a meeting objective.

+ APPLICATION PROCEDURE (click to open/close)


The RNC will decide within 4 weeks of application. You should submit your application form with a completed budget form to admin@espid.org


 APPLICATION TO THE ESPID Supported Speaker Award 

First name and surname:    

Date of Birth:

Current job/position:

Full work address (include zip/postal code):


Telephone number(s):




Brief statement (max 100 words) explaining the scientific value of the event:


Name, dates and location of meeting to attend.

Include where travel will be from and to.


Meeting agenda: 
A copy of the meeting agenda/itinerary or event organiser confirming you are an invited speaker, should be included with the application for funding.


Complete the attached budget form detailing the costs



Date of application:


+ FINAL REPORT (click to open/close)

A brief report of the meeting, with a particular focus on the research aspects, plus a copy of the feedback of the audience with regard to the ESPID supported speaker, is expected within 3 months of the meeting. When sending the final report, a completed expense form with receipts should be sent for all travel and accommodation within the limits awarded see What Is Covered Section. Please send these to admin@espid.org