Postgraduate Teaching Visits To Resource Poor Countries


The aim of this scheme is to provide encouragement and support to ESPID members wishing to devote time to PID teaching and training activities in resource poor countries. For support, visits should be by ESPID members at the written invitation of the host institution. Support is offered for transport costs only. It is expected that the visitor and/or his/her employee should provide their time gratis and that the hosts will cover accommodation and subsistence costs of the visitor during the visit.

The visit should be to contribute to an established programme of post-graduate medical or scientific education related directly to paediatric infectious diseases or to which PID teaching is directly relevant and a component part.

Resource poor countries are those in the list linked here

Guidelines for funding are: A typical award will be for approx Euro 1,000 (e.g. for a standard class intercontinental flight and related ground transportation costs)

Application deadlines are every 3 months (1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December) and should be made at least 2 months before the proposed date(s) of the visit. Up to 10 such awards, will be funded annually provided applications of sufficient quality are received.

What is covered


Economy class travel expenses only. Please note that this is scheme falls outside of ESPID’s normal Expense Reimbursement rules.  ESPID will only support one award relating to any one project. If you feel you have a project which more than one award would cover you should select and apply to only one ESPID award. If you have other awards/grants which are pending or have been recently funded, you must indicate this in your application and clearly state what support has been requested/agreed and when a decision is expected.


Essential/Desireable Criteria - Applicant

  • Must be “good standing” ESPID member at the time of the deadline. (click here to download the ESPID "good standing" member criteria) and membership fees must be paid up in full before the application will be processed
  • Previous post graduate teaching experience in PID, preferably with documentation of positive student/delegate feedback

Essential Criteria - Visit

  • Must be to a resource poor country.
  • Must show evidence of an established teaching programme or institution
  • Teaching to be done must relate directly to paediatric infectious diseases
  • A written invitation to visit from host institution must be provided, must specify (approximate) dates, topic(s) to be covered and confirm that a written certificate of completion of the visit, including documentation of student/delegate feedback will be provided to the visitor and to ESPID.

Procedure for Processing and Making Awards

Applications received by the ESPID secretariat will be checked to ensure they fulfil all the required eligibility criteria and include all required elements. Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be considered further and applicants informed to this effect.

Complete and correct applications will be forwarded for approval to the members of the ESPID Committee for Education who will reach a decision within three weeks. Applicants will be informed of the decision as soon as possible after this. Payment of the award, up to any maximum sum agreed beforehand will be made upon receipt of original ticket purchase receipts/tickets and used boarding passes together with written confirmation from the host institution that the visit and teaching took place as planned. A single payment only will be made for any one award. You application and any support documents should be in English.


Comments on this award procedure and administration by ESPID are encouraged.


The ESPID collaborative research meeting award scheme will be subject to regular review. The regulations for awards may be altered in the future without prior notice. 

Applications Open 02 March 2024 Log in to apply
Applications Close 01 June 2024
Period Covered2024 Q2