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General Travel Award

Under management of the Committee for Scientific Affairs and Awards

+ AIMS (click to open/close)

ESPID makes these awards to members towards the cost of travel, accommodation and registration fees for scientific meetings, training events and courses.

This award scheme is not available to support attendance of the annual ESPID meeting, for which separate schemes are available (Walter Marget Educational Workshop, ESPID Annual Meeting Travel Award), nor any other ESPID-supported events where separate travel schemes, subsidies and discounts for ESPID members are in place (i.e. ADVAC Course, Penta, Oxford iic, local ESPID educational courses etc.). This award can be made for any other meeting including training visits to other national immunisation technical advisory group (NITAG) meetings by ESPID members who are (NITAG) members in their own countries.

Under this scheme, maximum awards including airfares, registration and accommodation are:

  • EUR 1,000 for international travel outside of Europe
  • EUR 600 for travel within Europe
  • EUR 200 for travel within the applicant’s own country

Please, note - where a lower early registration fee is offered by the conference being attended, only this rate will be reimbursed.

+ ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (click to open/close)

  • Applicants must be "good standing" members of ESPID (click here to download the ESPID "good standing" member criteria). Applicants must have paid their current subscription before applying for this award. (Essential – if not good standing and up to date – no award)

Applications will first be assessed for eligibility and completeness by the ESPID secretariat. Applications not fulfilling these criteria will not be put forward for judging.

+ CRITERIA OF ASSESSMENT (click to open/close)

The following criteria are considered in scoring applicants for travel awards (maximum scores in brackets):

  • Younger applicants (80/age in years; for example, if you are 40 years old, you’ll get 2 points but if you are 20 years old, you’ll get 4 points)
  • Applicants who have not previously received ESPID travel awards inlcuding the annual meeting travel award. Members will not be eligible to receive more than one travel award under this scheme in any single calendar year (4-(minus)number of previous awards)
  • Applicants who are presenting papers or posters at the meeting. A copy of any submitted abstract and acknowledgement of receipt (and, if available, notification of acceptance) should be submitted with the application for funding (Submitted abstract 1, accepted abstract 2)
  • The scientific value and relevance to PID of the proposed visit as judged by the CSAA (2+2=max 4)
  • Applicants from countries in which funding is likely to be limited – see https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/knowledgebase/articles/906519 (Lower 3, Lower-middle 2, Upper-middle 1, Upper – 0)

Applicants should send the information below to the ESPID Secretariat at admin@espid.org


Applications should be submitted at least 2 months before the start of the meeting being applied for. Any applications submitted later than this will not be considered.  
(This form can be copied and pasted into a Word document and filled in and then emailed)


First name and surname:    

Date of Birth:

Current job/position:

Full work address (include zip/postal code):


Full address for correspondence (if different from above):


Telephone number(s):




Brief statement (max 100 words) explaining the scientific value and relevance to PID of the proposed visit (see selection criteria above):


Name, dates and location of meeting to attend and where travel will be from and to.


Presenting papers or posters at the meeting?:
A copy of any submitted abstract and acknowledgement of receipt (and, if available, notification of acceptance) should be submitted with the application for funding.


Date (s) and amount (s) of previous travel award(s) via this scheme from ESPID:



Date of application:


Details of the outcome of applications will be dispatched to applicants within 4 weeks of receipet of an application.

Applicants are required to provide an official confirmation of their attendance from the organisers of the meeting to the ESPID secretariat on their return.