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ESPID Walter Marget Workshop Guidelines



This trainees Workshop (WMW) is dedicated to the memory of Prof Walter Marget, 1920-2013, who was a Founding member of ESPID (1983). Prof Marget was a renound clinician who cared for children with infectious diseases at the University Hospitals of Freiburg, Tubingen and Munich and was an influential mentor for many young paediatricians. The ESPID Committee for Education organises and runs the workshop during the ESPID annual meeting every year. This clinically-oriented educational workshop focuses on the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases in children. There are two talks by well known experts, as well as small-group interactive discussions with close interactions between trainees and faculty. See the website for more detials of the programme. 

Who is eligible to participate in the WMW

Participation in the WMW is limited to a maximum of 50 pre-selected registered trainees. Themes for the workshop are posted in advance (Ljubljana 2019 - Recurrent fevers, Sepsis, Fungal Infections and Nosocomial Infections) and trainees are invited to submit, in advance, an abstract of a case that they wish to present. The best 32 cases submitted will be selected for presentation at the meeting and prizes are awarded for the best clinical presentations.  

In case of over-registration for the workshop, the following priorities for a place have been set:
  1. Young ESPID members
  2. ESPID members who are in training
  3. Paediatric Infectious Diseases trainees
  4. Interested in Paediatric Infectious Disease (in countries with no formal training)
  5. 1st time attendance
  6. 1-2 delegates per country
  7. 1st registered
  8. Age up to 40 years 

Reimbursement of trainees

  • Participating trainees will be offered waved registration to the ESPID Annual Meeting and a priority for a travel grant.
  • Only trainees from resource-limited countries (up to 7) will be offered a reimbursement for accommodation and flight tickets (maximum EUR 1,000) after the annual meeting. 


  • Invited speakers – paediatric infectious diseases specialists who are outstanding clinicians with teaching experience - will be selected by the ESPID Committee for Education for the WMW each year.
  • Speakers will give a semi-formal presentation and participate as a leader in discussions of instructive cases presented by the trainees and faculty.
  • Members of the ESPID education committee will chair small clinical case discussion sessions where delegates present cases according to the themes of the workshop.

Reimbursement of faculty

  • The names of up to 3 invited speakers for the WMW will be sent to Kenes by the Chair of the ESPID Committee of Education.
  • They will be officially invited by Kenes like all other invited speakers


For 2019, the WMW takes place on Monday 06.05.19 (14:00 - 19:00) - Tuesday 07.05.19 (09:30 - 13:45). 
  • The deadline for case abstract submission to the ESPID secretariat is, 15th January 2019 - admin@espid.org
    All applicants will be notified whether they were admitted or not, and whether their case has been selected for presentation, at the earliest convenience.
  • Submitted abstract - a concise description of no more than 200 words (clinical presentation, examination, diagnostic testing, differential diagnosis, treatment etc.).
  • The title of the case should not give away the diagnosis
  • The case must be about one the four themes for the workshop: Recurrent Fevers, Sepsis, Fungal Infections and Nosocomial infections.Case presentation – if you are successful and your case is selected, please follow this format (to give everyone time to present) – a maximum 10 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for discussion; maximum 10 text power point slides (can have some additional for clinical photos) – e.g. 2 history; 2 examination / investigation; 1 differential diagnosis – presenter to test the audience and then give their DD; 2/3 management & clinical progress; 2 sum up / literature review / outcome ; take home message

New for 2019

  • A small number of trainees will be invited to present an overview of a recent international guideline. When applying to attend the workshop, please indicate whether you would be prepared to present a guideline and suggest a relevant international guideline to present. 

Updated Nov 2018