ESPID Committee for Research Guidelines on Survey Research

ESPID supports the use of surveys in research. Decisions on surveys being conducted through ESPID are taken by the Committee for Research. Applications have to be submitted to the chair of the Committee, with three deadlines per year (1st Feb, June, Oct).  There will be a maximum of three surveys per year allowed to be sent to ESPID members. All submitted surveys will be evaluated by the Committee and a decision on acceptance of the survey will be made within 6 weeks from the submission deadline. Results from the surveys are expected to be presented at the Annual Meeting (abstract submission) within 12 months from the survey being sent out.


Mandatory cover letter for submission of surveys

Cover letter should address the following questions:

  1. Who has designed the survey? Please list all names, affiliations and ESPID membership. At least one member of the survey team has to be an ESPID member
  2. What is the goal of the research survey? Please give a clear definition of the research question
  3. What other literature is available on this topic and has previous research (including survey research) been published on this matter?
  4. How many questions does the survey include?
  5. What platform has the survey been designed on? (Survey-monkey, Redcap etc.)
  6. What personal data will be recorded of the respondent (IP-address, age, gender, country, city, Name, e-mail address)
  7. Was the survey pre-tested by the study team for format, typographical errors, sampling etc?
  8. Was the survey pilot-tested by a representative group of individuals who resemble the target population. Please indicate number of participants of the pilot-testing and description of how they resemble the target population.
  9. Was or will the survey be administered through other networks?
  10. Has ethical approval been obtained? Please detail the board and approval number. If no ethical approval has been obtained please clearly indicate why this is not necessary
  11. Please specify any funding you received for this survey
  12. How do you plan to disseminate the results of your survey to the ESPID community?

If you wish to submit a survey for the Committee to consider then please email your request to  clealry marked 'Survey Request for approval by Committee for Research'.